What is IDEAScotland™?

IDEAScotland™ is a business accelerator programme designed to help start-up digital economy entrepreneurs of any background or experience attract valuable investment to build a sustainable and profitable business. The programme is sponsored and run by DC Thomson, brightsolid, the University of Abertay Dundee and the University of Dundee.

Are you a budding tech or digital media entrepreneur with a great idea? Is your team creative, passionate, but in need of help in attracting investment? Do you have a disruptive idea? Do you want to go global? We are looking for start-ups and development opportunities seeking to capitalise on the connected digital economy. We are particularly (but not exclusively) interested in businesses in the digital journalism, digital entertainment, big data and learning technology spaces.

Launching a new connected digital economy company is difficult, but many of the early problems can be avoided with the right support and advice. We’re here to help you turn your business idea into a viable commercial proposition, attractive to potential investors.

IDEAScotland™ is a programme to help you build your team and validate your proposition. We provide successful applicants with access to physical office space, virtual networking facilities, state-of-the-art telepresence equipment at the adjacent National Virtual Incubator node, as well as matched board level mentors, peer and corporate networks, and other resources.

Innovators can rigorously prove their proposition in the accelerator phase; you then have an opportunity to secure funding to turn your idea into a full prototype in the execution phase.

At the end of the programme you will pitch to investors and business partners for the financial input needed to grow your companies. We want to start a creative revolution to fuel growth for this vital sector of the economy.

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